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Sideshow Collectibles Militaries of Star Wars Deluxe 12 Inch Action Figu

Sideshow Collectibles Militaries of Star Wars Deluxe 12 Inch Action Figure 41st Elite Corps Coruscant Clone Trooper
The Coruscant Clone Troopers were members of the 41st Elite Corps. They fought under the command of Jedi General Luminara Unduli and Commander Gree during the Clone Wars. Sideshow brings this highly detailed figure in his gray armor. *Stands 12" tall *Over 30 points of articulation *Includes Carbine Blaster and Long Rifle
$273.10 Show Detail

Sideshow Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton Maquette Statue

Sideshow Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton Maquette Statue
Is it a good idea to keep on building Terminators while living this close to Los Angeles? What could go wrong? Sideshow's Terminator Endoskeleton Maquette is a painstakingly detailed recreation of the iconic T-800, the Terminator that first struck fear into would be freedom fighters everywhere. Our version features polystone and premium grade ABS plastic elements in order to maintain the crisp details that one would expect to find in a machine crafted by machines. The piece is also made up of over 100 pieces. Poised on a detailed environmental base with piercing glowing eyes, the Terminator Endoskeleton Maquette is a critical centerpiece to any collector who values Skynet over her own safety.
$599.99 Show Detail

GI Joe Sideshow Collectibles 12 Inch Deluxe Action Figure Desert Trooper

GI Joe Sideshow Collectibles 12 Inch Deluxe Action Figure Desert Trooper Dusty
As Americas most elite fighting squadron, the G.I.JOE team requires its special operations forces to be wellprepared for taking on the terrorist group COBRA in any environment, no matter how harsh or unforgiving it may be. Fortunately, when it comes to tracking down enemies in the vast, sweltering expanses of the desert, they know to turn to Ronald Tadur. After growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada, Tudars days were spent keeping things cool as a refrigerator repairman and his evenings studying desert ecology. Tadur believed his skills in the desert could be a valuable asset to the JOE team, and after basic training, he adopted the code name DUSTY and has been fighting alongside his fellow American heroes ever since.While Dustys training might seem too specific for most military units, his knowledge of sandy, barren environments comes in handy. Even COBRA has gone great lengths to employ their own series of VIPERS and soldiers who are specially trained in desert combat. Its during these missions that Dustys experience could be the deciding factor between victory and defeat. We carefully inspect every one of these figures before sending out to make sure nothing is damaged. Due to the collectibility and fragility of this item in particular, we cannot accept returns on it once it has been opened. Thank you.

Clone Trooper Deluxe: 501st

Clone Trooper Deluxe: 501st
Sideshow presents the Clone Trooper Deluxe: 501st Legion, an elite legion of clone troopers serving under commanding officer Captain Rex, and one of the most well-recognized battalions in the Republic Army. Troopers from the prestigious 501st are distinguished by the trademark blue markings on their battle armor. The Clone Trooper Deluxe: 501st is crafted on a fully articulated body and features interchangeable Phase One and Two helmets, along with an arsenal of essential munitions.As a full-scale intergalactic conflict rages on, a massive army of Clone Troopers fights in service of the Republic. Recruit your Army.The Clone Trooper Deluxe: 501st Sixth Scale Figure features: Phase 1 and Phase 2 helmets Fully Articulated Trooper body 501st Legion Clone Armor Backpack with Fabric Cover Thirteen (13) interchangeable hands Standard trooper boots Trooper action boots Four (4) Droid popper grenades Z-6 rotary blaster cannon DC-15A Blaster rifle DC-15S Blaster carbine
$394.35 Show Detail

Sideshow Collectibles 12 Inch Action Figure Anna Valerious

Sideshow Collectibles 12 Inch Action Figure Anna Valerious
Sideshow 12" Collectible Figure. Kate Beckinsale as Anna Valerious from the movie Van Helsing Monster Slayer
$129.87 Show Detail

Hot Toys X-Men 3 The Last Stand 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure Wolverine

Hot Toys X-Men 3 The Last Stand 1 6 Scale Collectible Figure Wolverine
Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are proud to present the Wolverine Limited Edition Collectible figure from the superhero blockbuster X-Men: The Last Stand. The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the movie, highlighting the newly developed head sculpt, highly detailed X-Men suit, weapon and movie-accurate figure stand.The Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure features: Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the X-Men: The Last Stand movie Approximately 30 cm tall Muscular body with over 30 points of articulation Movie-accurate facial expression featuring his angered expression with detailed wrinkles and skin texture Detailed hair sculpture and beard Three (3) pairs of interchangeable gloved palms including: One (1) pair of fists with blades One (1) pair of fists One (1) pair of relaxed palms Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted One (1) set of X-Men suit including one (1) leather-like black jacket and one (1) pair of leather-like black pants One (1) pair of black boots Light-up figure stand imitating the movie scene with transparent pillar (Requires AAA Batteries - Not Included) Figure stand with Wolverine nameplate and the movie logo
$259.99 Show Detail

Star Wars Qui-Gon Jinn 12" Action Figure

Star Wars Qui-Gon Jinn 12
The Qui-Gon Jinn 12 inch Figure features: Fully articulated tall male body with 30+ points of articulation Authentic likeness of Liam Neeson as Qui-Gon Jinn Undershirt Tabbard Tunic Pants Boots Jedi Robe Detailed belt w/ opening pouches and lightsaber clip Jedi Food Capsules Jedi Holoprojector Jedi Comlink Jedi Aqua Breather Episode 1 Lightsaber hilt Episode 1 Lightsaber hilt w/ ignited blade Saber grip left Saber grip right Force gesture left Pistol grip right 12-Inch Figure Display Base with Star Wars logo
$196.99 Show Detail

Sideshow DC Comics Black Canary Premium Format Figure Statue

Sideshow DC Comics Black Canary Premium Format Figure Statue
Shhh! It's already too late. Prepare yourself for the earth-shattering Canary Cry! Clothed in her form-fitting, black leather corset and fishnets, a nod to her earliest depictions, Gotham's favorite songbird, Black Canary, joins Sideshow's Premium FormatTM Collection. This impeccable recreation of the heroine crime fighter from DC Comics leaps right off the pages of comic books and into an exquisite figure you need to complete your collection. But don't let her sultry pose fool you, Black Canary's finely handcrafted leather jacket and gloves remind you that she is an expert motorcyclist and ready to hop on her bike at any moment to meet trouble head on.
$549.95 Show Detail

Sideshow Marvel X-Men Emma Frost Hellfire Club Premium Format Figure Sta

Sideshow Marvel X-Men Emma Frost Hellfire Club Premium Format Figure Statue
"Of course I'm a threat. Why? Did you think for a moment that I wasn't?" Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the alluring Emma Frost 'Hellfire Club' Premium FormatTM Figure. First introduced in Marvel's acclaimed Dark Phoenix Saga storyline as the White Queen of the elite Hellfire Club, ice-cold Emma Frost began her career as one of the X-men's hottest adversaries. Unapologetic and uncompromising, the diamond-sharp diva rapidly ascended to the top of the corporate ladder on the strength of her intelligence, drive, and charm - as well as her powerful mutant abilities. Beautifully sculpted in 1:4 scale, Emma Frost coolly assumes her position as the White Queen atop a Hellfire Club themed base, boasting supreme confidence and a quiet mystique. Clearly calculating her next move, Emma's piercing blue eyes reveal even more than her scant attire. Dressed to the nines in her provocative all-white corset, thigh-high boots, and fur-trimmed cape, the drop dead gorgeous White Queen is not to be underestimated...
$728.00 Show Detail

Sideshow DC Comics Collectibles Classic Catwoman Premium Format Figure S

Sideshow DC Comics Collectibles Classic Catwoman Premium Format Figure Statue
"Catching me wasn't the difficulty, as I remember. The problem seemed to be that you didn't know what to do with me." Since her debut in 1940, Selina Kyle has led many lives as Gotham City's most infamous cat burglar - and in that time worn just as many costumes. Inspired by her popular 90's look introduced by Jim Balent with the launch of the first Catwoman solo comic title, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Classic Catwoman Premium FormatTM Figure. Signifying the evolution of a more acrobatic and combative Catwoman, Selina lets her hair down for her nightly prowl, fitted in her skintight purple suit with thigh high black boots. Stopping only to flirt with danger, the fierce feline fatale readies her trademark whip, as she walks the ever-fine line between hero and villain.
$725.00 Show Detail
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